Testimonial Video Questions and Concepts

Here are some great testimonial video questions to ask and concepts to keep in mind during the interview.

The trick is to ask the questions to give you the answers that will create a good story and tell you narrative you’re looking for.  Here is a list of questions I like to ask.  Don’t be afraid to do followup questions because sometimes the answers to those questions tend to be more emotional and impactful.  These questions are designed for a business to business testimonial video, but I’m sure you can understand the concepts and apply them to retail or whatever business you are in.

Prepping the interview subject for your Testimonial Video

I wouldn’t suggest that you give the questions to your subject before the interview, but a little preparation may go a long way in setting the mood and putting your interview subject at ease.

You can start by letting them know that you’ll be editing out any mistakes they may make, including any pauses.  You’ll only be using a small portion of what they will be saying and that if they want to answer the questions a second or third time, that’s fine.   Explain how you’ll be cutting this all together to hide any mistakes and to best tell the story.

Let them know that they can take their time in formulating a reply to your questions. Any pauses or fumbles will be edited out in the end.

Tell them why you choose them to interview. Flattery can never hurt and it may give them ideas on what to emphasize in their answers.

Warn them that you will be asking the same questions in slightly different ways in order to get slightly different answers.

Give the answers while including the questions in the answer.  For example:  What your name?     My name is ___________

Explain that you looking for a very conversational tone and they should feel free to talk about how all this made you feel and better yet, show those emotions.

As you ask these questions, you’ll need to keep in mind how they will fit together in the editing room.  Imagine how one answer will fit together in the story. You may need to rephrase a questions to illicit the the proper segue between ideas.

Testimonial Video Interview Questions for establishing the original world.

  • Please give you name, title and company.
  • Tell me how long you’ve worked there and how they first became aware of the problem you ended up solving for them.

Testimonial Video Questions to establish the problem.

  • What was the problem at work and how has it effecting you and your company?
  • Please tell us the story of the problem you were having that lead you to work with us.

The character strives to fix the problem.

  • What were come ways you attempted to fix the problem before you found our company?
  • What process to you go through to end up selecting us?
  • Before you contacted us, what other solutions do you try to solve your problem?
  • What was the difference in approach between our approach and other company’s solutions?

After much effort, the character finally fixes the problem.

  • How did you find us?
  • What made you choose us?
  • Explain how we were the solution to your problem.
  • Explain the steps we took solve the problem.

Life is better after the solution.

  • Explain how things are better now after the working with our company.
  • How does it feel not to have this problem anymore.

Bonus questions that you can use as “mini-testimonials” or in a Montague of testimonials.

  • What would you say to someone that has a similar problem?
  • Could you give us a recommendation?


As your asking your questions, just keep in mind what you want to accomplish. You want this person to tell the story, in their own words, how you company’s product or service was the answer to their problem. You want it to be natural and believable.

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