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What are Testimonial Videos and how will they benefit your company?

Testimonial Videos are a great way to sell your company’s product or service.

We’re now living in an online world and every business needs to use the Internet to market to new and existing customers, and using video is a great way to do that.

People want to feel comfortable and confident with making purchasing decisions.  They want to know that they’re spending their money wisely and they want to know that the product or service they are purchasing is reputable and reliable.

Any company can claim to be the best, but it’s much more powerful if the claim comes from someone outside the company, rather than within.  It’s called social proof.  Testimonial videos are basically good reviews from costumers that have already used your product or service.  

Having a former customer tell their story about how your company was the solution to their problem, goes a long way toward building the comfort and confidence needed to convince the viewer that they can trust you with their purchase. Every company has happy customers, so why not create a few videos that will help your marketing effort?

Where can you use Testimonial Videos?


In the age of social media, the opportunities to use testimonial videos is endless.  The webpage is going to be first place to use the videos.  Having different short testimonial videos randomly appear on your company’s home page is a great way to keep the website looking fresh and  up to date.

Many companies have a dedicated section of on their websites devoted just to showing happy, satisfied customers.  Some company’s alternate their testimonial videos with still photos and copy.  These types of pages can do much of the heavy lifting when it comes to convincing people that your company is reputable, and trustworthy enough to do business with.

Social Media

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Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin, have become great places to communicate your company’s message to the masses.  Testimonial Videos are a great way to let all those people know what a great product or service you have and how you might be a perfect solution to as problem they may be having.  You can either make posts on the company account or you can buy add space.  Testimonials can be used very effectively with either strategy. 

Email Marketing

People that have signed up for your email list or news letter want to be kept informed of your product or services.  Why not include links to your testimonials?  This can be a great way to to nudge those fence sitters and convince them that your company can be a great solution to their problem.

TV Commercials

Don’t forget television.  Many companies still find it profitable to market their wares on conventional television.  Using the social proof of testimonials is still a great way to giving this new customers the confidence they need to make their purchase.

What makes for a good testimonial video?

To be effective, a testimonial video needs to have these two characteristics:

1. It should be a compelling story.

Everyone loves a good story, and testimonials are nothing but a story.  A good story will  keep the viewer’s attention because everyone wants to know the ending . If you’ve never studied the structure of “story”, it’s basically this. (And this applies to most books, and movies)

  • There’s a character in his or her normal world.
  • A problem arises.
  • The character strives to fix the problem.
  • After much effort, the character finally fixes the problem with your company’s help.
  •  Life is better after the solution.

It’s easy to see how a good testimonial would first nicely into this plot structure of a typical story.  The Customer has a problem, looks for a solution in many different places and then finally tries your product or service, and your company saves the day.  

2. It needs to portray your company as the best solution to the story’s problem.

Besides being a compelling story, the second characteristic of a good testimonial video is that it should portray your company’s service or product as the solution to their problem. And hopefully, the viewer of the testimonial will realize that the your company may be able to help them too.

There seem to be a couple of different strategies when it comes to being the solution to the problem.

One strategy is for the your company to be the actual hero of the video, where you company’s product or service is the hero of the video.  Another approach is a little more subtle.  The video portrays your company, not as the hero, but as the wise truth says that allowed their client to succeed, thus making the client the hero.  This is a subtle difference, but is maybe a little less obvious and makes the client more of the emphasis of the video.

In summary, you’ll want to create a compelling story that holds people’s attention and makes your company look good in the end.  It also helps if the person being interviewed is either well-known or of the same demographic as our target market.  More about that on the Testimonial Video Interview Tips page…

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