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What are training videos?

A training videos are sometimes called by different names.  They may be referred to as educational videos, tutorial videos, explainer videos, instructional videos, or teaching videos.  The goal of this type of video is to educate the viewer on a specific topic. This video based content is meant to show someone how to do something.

Training videos can be used to educate employees on various aspects and processes involved with their role at the company.  They may need to know how to fill out forms, use a piece of software, or need to learn how to safely operate a specific piece of machinery.  There are countless things in every business that could benefit from a well-made training video.

Many companies create tutorial videos and post them on YouTube so that potential customers can learn more about their products or services.  Especially where a large amount of  money is involved, videos can provide the confidence that people need to commit to the purchase.  Videos help assure the customer that they won’t be negatively surprised.

These YouTube videos also lessen the need for customer service by educating people on the correct use of your product or better understand the service.  When people get stuck and don’t understand how something works, they often times call the company looking for solutions.  Having an good informational video online can help the customer solve their questions before the need to contact the company.  This saves the company from the expense of having a large staff of customer people needed to answer all those incoming questions.

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Why are training videos so valuable?

Training videos are great for introducing employees to the company’s policies and culture, teaching students new skills, or helping customers understand a company’s products or services.  These videos are cost-effective.  Once produced, they eliminate or reduce the need for, and expense of dedicated training personal, thus reducing the overall cost.

Videos can be viewed anywhere, anytime.

Another benefit of training videos is that it’s there when you need it.  It’s flexible.  These videos can be placed online so that the viewer can consume the content whenever they have the time.  There’s no need to schedule people.  Just give the viewer a link, and the rest is up to them. People can use their phone, their laptop, or their desktop to watch videos.  Training can happen whenever the viewer can find the time, while waiting for an appointment, or after then children go down for their nap.  Anytime can be training video time.

People can learn at their own pace.

Different people learn in different ways and some require more exposure to the material to learn when they need to know.  Some can view the subject matter only once and understand it, while others may need to view the material multiple times to absorb the content.  When the training videos are available all the time, people can view them as often needed to understand the material.

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Everyone gets the same experience.

Another important feature of having training videos available is that each and every viewer gets the same material.  Things don’t get “left out” by mistake from one presentation, and no one is misinformed by a teacher that gets it wrong.  If the video gets it right, you never have to worry about the viewers getting an incorrect, inconsistent message.

Training videos can show things that would be difficult to demonstrate any other way.

Sometimes it’s easier more practical to have a videographer go into an environment to film a process or event needed for a training video, rather than take multiple individuals into that same place.  There may be safety considerations, or maybe expense or timing concerns make a training video the best way to show viewers what they need to know.  The video only has to capture the needed material one time.

Complex information can be broken down into smaller, more understandable segments.

Video has the advantage of being manipulated and edited to show exactly what the view needs to see.  The idea being communicated can be slowed down, sped up, or zoomed in on.  Being able to break down a subject into small understandable parts is really valuable when it comes to the teaching process. Video allows the teacher to feed bite sized pieces of information to the viewer.

Training videos can have better engagement and retention.

The majority of people are are “visual” learners and video has the advantage of visually telling interesting and captivating sorties that both engage and inform.   If done properly, a video can be entertaining and enjoyable to watch, while also communicating the intended message.  By using dynamic locations, imagery and sound, videos can keep the viewers attention when other types of training often times fall flat and fail to keep the viewer’s attention.

Demonstrating can sell products or services

Most of the subjects covered above have been geared toward companies that need to train people about their product or service, but training videos can also help make sales.  Buyers are sometimes reluctant to make a purchase if they don’t fully understand the product.  No one wants to spend money on something if they might not be able to properly use the product service.  Having a training video available online will help educate people about your product or service so that they feel more comfortable spending their hard-earned money.  It’s a great way of answering those questions that may be holding back someone from buying your product.

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Where can a training video be used?

Training videos can be housed on YouTube, either as a public link or as a private listing. Links can be sent to viewers vie email, embedded on webpages, or found on a Google search.  They can even be linked to social media posts.  Distributing training videos and be public or private, depending on how they are setup.

How long should a training video be?

Training videos should only be as long as it takes to convey the message.  It’s rare that this type of video should go more than 1-3 minutes, if more time is need to communicate the subject matter, its’ usually a good idea to break the video up into smaller segments. Studies have shown that people prefer to learn from watching videos, but people tend to like them in small doses.

Let us help you make a great Training Video

There’s a lot that goes into making an effective training video. If you would like some help in creating one, please give us a call. We’d love the opportunity to give you our input and talk with you about the process. We can help with all the necessary video production, for concept, to script development, to shooting and finally to the editing process. We’re here to help.

You can reach us by Email or call us at 412-434-0575. We’d be glad to help.

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